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NetStores® POS2Net™
integrates your merchant's in-store QuickBooks® Point of Sale (POS) system with NetStores® ECommerce Solution to offer added service, simplicity and convenience to your customers.

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NetStores® E-Commerce Solution and NetStores® POS2Net™

provides a total solution for Retail Solution Providers to offer their clients by giving them easy-to-create online storefronts that are automatically integrated with their in-store POS systems. Intuitive, drag-and-drop web-design tools that are compatible with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and Microsoft FrontPage web-design programs provide customers with unparalleled convenience and ease-of-use. This easy-to use, simple to maintain software, offers domain hosting, dynamic online catalog creation, shopping cart, and your own secure payment gateway all backed by NetStores’ comprehensive training support and customer service. Already have a web presence? When you use separate in-store and online solutions, you are only getting half of the picture at any given time. At the end of the day you still need to manually reconcile your books. NetStores® POS2Net™ does this automatically.


Expand your range of client services POS2Net™ provides you with an easy way to create your client’s web store and let them synchronize online sales, inventory, and customer records with QuickBooks® POS. Easy-to-use tools for customized retail web solutions that give you the control to design a unique look and feel. Don’t waste your time and energy with unnecessary and tedious manual data entry. POS2Net™ moves your client’s QuickBooks® POS inventory data online quickly and accurately. Don’t want to deal with client support? No problem. We can work directly with your clients to assist them with any system setup and maintenance questions.

Features Highlights

  • Intuitive interface and web design tools for Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and Microsoft FrontPage make it easy to build and customize your site Instant updating of products for sale integrated to POS in-store inventory and on-line storefronts
  • Orders placed on the web are automatically downloaded and synchronized into QuickBooks® Point of Sale (POS)
  • Instant synchronized customer information, both online and offline, for seamless customer and sales data
  • Complete hosting solution
  • Compatible with dynamic, static or hybrid sites
  • Beautiful, detailed product pages

Your Complete E-Commerce Solution Is Here!

Now you can add the unlimited profit power of NetStores E-Commerce Solution to your existing web site--no matter what size or what kind of business you are. It's so easy--just a few quick clicks and your e-cash register is ringing! Our server and customizable software put you in control, and NetStores second-to-none support gets--and keeps--you up and selling fast and hassle-free.

Attention Webmasters:

Check out our FREE downloadable software that makes it easy to add e-commerce web pages from popular web design programs.


Don't take our word for it. READ how NetStores has helped other successful professionals discover the enormous selling power of e-commerce.


NetStores has the answers. Our knowledgeable, experienced support staff is here for you--every step of the way.

Discover The Tremendous Profit Power Of E-Commerce With NetStores Shopping Cart Solution Software!

A Truly Unique Shopping Cart Solution!

Only NetStores has trademarked shopping cart extensions and drag & drop tools for all the popular web site building and web-design software packages on the market for building an e-commerce shopping cart web site. Whichever program you work in, NetStores has the perfect shopping cart solution for you. Use Dreamweaver? Plug-in NetStores Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Tools. FrontPage? We've got NetStores FrontPage Shopping Cart Tools. GoLive? Use NetStores GoLive Shopping Cart Tools. We even have NetStores Shopping Cart Tools for NetObjects Fusion!

Powerful E-Commerce Made Easy

NetStores simple-to-use, customizable software and e-commerce shopping cart solution packages let you build a successful online e-business shopping cart quickly, easily and affordably. No web design or development knowledge needed! Our fully-functional shopping cart solution is feature-packed with everything you need to build and grow a successful e-commerce business--no complicated programming required! Just some of our great shopping cart features include web-based administration, unlimited software upgrades, drag & drop tools, scalable e-commerce architecture that grows with your business, secure transactions, real-time payments, shipping calculation and integration, and 24/7 store monitoring and updating. See our complete shopping cart feature list for our many other offerings that have helped make NetStores the e-commerce shopping cart solution of choice for online businesses of all types and sizes.

NetStores also has you covered when it comes to managing your e-commerce shopping cart web site. We have many versions of current shopping cart technology--NetStores Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Extension, NetStores FrontPage Shopping Cart Add-ins, NetStores GoLive Shopping Cart Extension and NetObjects Fusion Shopping Cart Components.

Experienced Support -- Just A Toll-Free Phone Call Away

Big business or small, at NetStores the success of your online shopping cart enterprise is our Number One priority! That's why our experienced support staff is there for you every step of the way. Questions or problems? We're here for you. You'll never be left alone to stumble around the often intimidating jungle of e-commerce alone. In fact, we're so confident you'll love the ease and versatility of all the NetStores Shopping Cart Solution drag & drop tools and extensions, we offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION training, TOLL-FREE over the phone. Our knowledgeable support staff can show you just how easy it is to install Dreamweaver Drag & Drop Shopping Cart Tools, FrontPage Drag & Drop Shopping Cart Tools, GoLive Drag & Drop Shopping Cart Tools, and NetObjects Shopping Cart Tools, so you can quickly add the benefits of NetStores Shopping Cart software to your existing or evolving web site. Also be able to take secure online orders on your web site. by taking advantage of the same FREE, NO OBLIGATION, TOLL-FREE training for NetStores Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Extensions, FrontPage Shopping Cart Add-ins, GoLive Shopping Cart Tools and NetObjects Shopping Cart Components.


  • Save Time and Money
  • Fast and Easy Setup and Maintenance
  • Easy to use and simple to maintain
  • No design or programming skills required
  • Place your in-store products online with a click of the button.
  • Stop reconciling and updating two separate sets of inventory and sales reports at the end of the day.
  • Accurate real-time reporting of sales and inventory by synchronizing your NetStores® online store and offline POS data. Increase profits Expand your customer base. Calibrate your business and fine-tune your sales. Track inventory automatically, see what’s selling, for what price, and monitor other pertinent customer behavior habits, both online and offline.

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And discover the many turbo charged benefits of NetStores customer-friendly e-commerce interface.

Who's Minding the Store?

You are. NetStores easy-to-use Merchant Login puts you in control. Update & monitor your merchant account 24/7.

Why NetStores Means More Net Profit

  • Customizable, Cost Effective E-Commerce that fits the unique needs of your business.
  • Quick & Easy Shopping Cart Set-Up gets you onboard fast.
  • FrontPage
  • Worry-free merchant account 100% safe, secure credit card transactions for you and your customers with our instant credit card verification system.
  • Software and online access let you monitor and update your site's inventory--anytime.
  • A total e-commerce shopping cart system where your business is Number One!

Domain Registration

We Help you find the right domain name, and the right extension to maximize exposure.

Web Designers & Developers: Control Every Design Aspect Of Your Site

NetStores Shopping Cart Extensions put web designers and developers in the driver's seat by allowing you to control the entire look and feel of your web site. Check out our clients' sites to see the many ways they have used NetStores E-Commerce Shopping Cart Tools for Dreamweaver, FrontPage and GoLive to create a powerful web site. that teams the designers' unique vision and style with the strong selling power of e-commerce.

Developers and designers who have built sites previously, but who may be new to the art of building e-commerce web sites or adding shopping cart software to existing sites can utilize our FREE, NO OBLIGATION, TOLL-FREE training to dramatically increase their marketability to existing and potential clients. We'll show you how to start building a web site. you can use to demonstrate the power and elegance of the web designer shopping cart tools and NetStores E-Commerce Solution to your clients.

NetStores Professional Web Designers Referral Program helps you stay competitive by keeping you informed with the latest developments in web design and e-commerce

Business Owners: Harness The Power Of NetStores E-Commerce Shopping Cart Technology--With Confidence

Business owners new to building e-commerce shopping cart web sites--or to upgrading an existing site with advanced business e-commerce capabilities--can be confident that your web site. will perform properly, efficiently and powerfully. Your support staff will get the dedicated guidance they need from our support staff to make your NetStores E-Commerce Shopping Cart business a success. NetStores also provides free training and support for your web designer, so that your site can pack the strong visual punch so vital in making your e-business stand out in today's e-commerce shopping-cart marketplace. NetStores is with you for the long haul in another, very important way. By featuring scalable e-commerce architecture, your business can expand and change with the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce, without ever outgrowing your NetStores Shopping Cart Solution.

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